Football Pitch Construction Cost – With Artificial Grass

There are  a lot of field construction constructor for football. Football is the sport which is  that men often prefer. Especially the artificial carpet pitches give you the opportunity to play football in all weather conditions with different installation options. If you want to construct a football field, you can choose an indoor or outdoor carpet pitch. If you want to set up a professional football field, you will need to install according to some standards. Professional football fields are built in accordance with the standards set by FIFA. Carpet pitches are usually built in the form of artificial turf ground using special yarns. As you know, artificial turf is one of the most preferred products for football field installation today.

The cost of astro turf changes according to the field sizes. For example  there is a difference between cost of mini football stadium and cst of building a five aside football pitch. If you want to buy fake grass from a professional football field constructor you can choose Hatko Sport with peace of mind.

Football field construction is required professionalism. So you should work with a professional manufacturer of artificial grass like Hatko Sport.

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Why artificial grass should be chosen?

  • Artificial turf football field is generally used in carpet pitches to create a natural appearance.
  • Artificial turf field does not require maintenance compared to natural grass and its resistance is much higher.
  • Synthetic grass is much more preferred, especially in outdoor carpet pitches.
  • Artificial grass football pitches are highly resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • When there is snow and rain, there is no deterioration in their structures, no smell and color fading.
  • For the installation of the football field, artificial turf coating is preferred.
  • Artificial turf is also highly preferred for the prevention of bumps and pits on the ground.
  • Football pitch ground grass cost changes according to the quality of artificial grass.

Professional artificial turf pitches are produced using special yarns. As Hatko Sport, we are building ground using monofilament and fibril yarns in the production of artificial turf football pitches. Hatko Sport supplies all the materials required for artificial turf installation. There are football fields on the faces that we have built using artificial turf carpets that comply with European and FIFA standards all over the world.

Now we will share the steps we have followed and managed for the installation of artificial turf carpet pitches. The length of the construction time of the carpet pitch determines the level of service quality. But remember that, the mini football stadium construction time is shorter than the big football stadium construction time. And of course cost of mini football stadium is lower than the big one.

  • Remember that; Having FIFA standards is an important factor.

At the same time, the use of high standards of materials, quality workmanship, long life and environmental friendliness makes it comfortable to use. In general, the cost of carpet pitch is determined accordingly.

It is absolutely necessary to obtain product guarantee for football carpet pitches established according to the standards determined by FIFA. So, how is the carpet field installation? Let’s examine it.

FIFA Standards Compliance Test

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Although FIFA standards of the carpet area give information about the dimensions, there are also various field tests. Football field construction should be done with qiving importance for this FIFA standards..

Nowadays, it is no longer difficult to achieve the FIFA standard on synthetic turf football fields, which makes it possible to play football more easily.

Synthetic turf football pitches stand out because the use of natural turf has very high costs and the construction and maintenance processes are more laborious.

FIFA standards that have become popular in recent years is now possible to have a carpet field. In order to be defined by the system, various tests are applied on the field surface.

  • The first of these is ball bouncing and ball rounding.

Tests are performed by bouncing the ball dropped from a height of 2 meters at least 3 times. As a result of these tests which are valid for 6 different areas of the field, the height of the ball between 65-100 cm reveals that it is FIFA 1 Star standards. A jump between 65-85 cm will result in FIFA 2 Star. There are also certain standards regarding the field construction of carpets. In the rounding test, which is performed at 6 different points of the field, the ball is dropped from an angle of 45 degrees and a height of 1 meter. FIFA 1 Star, with 4 to 10 meters of ball travel, and FIFA 2 Star eligibility will occur if a 4 to 8 meter progress.

  • The resistance level of the floor is measured so that the players do not suffer injuries such as ankle sprains.

FIFA 1 Star is obtained for 25-50 N measurement results and FIFA 2 Star for 30-45 N measurements. In addition, shock absorbing measurements are applied once again to avoid floor-related injuries. It is also clear whether the floor is suitable for football or not, and whether it is FIFA standards or not. 55-70% shock absorption is sufficient for FIFA 1 Star, while FIFA 2 Star stands for 60-70%. The cost of carpet pitch may also vary according to the use of these important details.

Construction Stages of Football Pitch

Why hybrid grass football pitches are always greener

Although there are 4 main stages in total, there are various differences in the construction of indoor and outdoor carpet pitches. To put it briefly, primarily construction site works take place in the region. On the wooden molds with double surfaces, iron reinforcement placement is completed as two bottom and two top. Before the concrete is laid, 12 mm thick anchor sheets are left on the beams.

Special bolts are used for fixing to concrete in order to avoid any problems with sheet metal plates. The concrete can be poured and the excavation work can be started.

  1. Excavations

In addition to the operations to be performed on the concrete, the use of machinery is required for the excavation of the beams. The extracted soils are moved to another area. A certain height is determined over the concrete beam. Machine is laid with the help of gravel. Then the compacting and settling of the crushed stone is completed.

One important point is to use the appropriate tonnage roller vehicle. Too much chippings may cause damage while it is thought to work. After laying the crushed layers 3 and 2, the gravel is added once more, leaving heights of 10 cm each. It is important to tighten the roller and gravel for a certain period of time before the synthetic carpet field lawning process. Thus, it is possible to obtain a more saturated ground.

  1. Wire Mesh Installation

After infrastructure works, after placing the ground with the help of machinery, wire mesh layouts are started. While 7 meter pipes are mostly used for carpet field construction, the wire fences around the field should be at least 3 meters high. It will not be wrong to say that the 3.5 m thick galvanized reinforced PVC helix wire mesh is quite durable. The first point to be considered in the placement of the wire mesh is the presence of 50X50 mm mesh. The wire mesh is coated around the field and then stretched. In the long sections, tensioning is completed with 4 steel ropes. There are up to 5 ropes behind the castle. Then, the clamps are used to fix the ropes.

  1. Steel Construction Installation

In the case of steel constructions which are valid in the football field construction of carpets, additions are in carrier shears. While the pipes are mounted diagonally, the bed is carried out in three rows.

The bottom, middle and upper sections are fixed by welding. Field criteria for radus to be given with trusses are based on. In these works, where very meticulous work is required, 76 mm pipes with body scissors and 32 mm pipes cross and diagonal welding fixing is completed.

After the welding fixation of the pipes, the gate required for the field entrance is prepared. In the castles in line with the site criteria, the castle is brought into the pipes by making nets. Construction products can be dyed in desired colors. While castles are usually white, doors or other products can be painted in very different colors.

  1. Lighting Operations

After the preparation of the floor and fixing of the steel structures, another important point required from carpet field construction is lighting. Lighting can be used in many different styles, as well as a more interesting field view is possible. For lighting mounted at a certain height of the truss shears, a 400W metal projector is often used. LED floodlights can also be preferred. Wiring and grounding are performed by expert teams, followed by lighting panel connections within one day.

All of the materials are of top quality and it is important to use them in accordance with TSE standards.

  1. Laying Artificial Turf

55 mm fibrile models generally preferred for the artificial grass assemblies which are carefully done in the closed carpet field construction. However, the number of choice of monofilament models is considerable. After the beams are filled between the gravels in the concrete, gauging is performed. However, it is also known that synthetic grass carpet models are available in 60 mm, 50 mm or 40 mm.

Cost of Artificial Turf Footbal Field


There is usually no clear pricing for football pitch construction. Prices will vary depending on what area you want and how wide a site you want. In general, pricing is per square meter. In addition, price to construct a football field will change if you want to keep the football field closed. In addition, the materials used to cover the site vary. Hatko Sport is the artificial grass football field construction company and manufacturer of artificial grass

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