HATKO BIOSURFACE System - High performance meets sustainability

In the city of Pesaro, Italy, at the T. Benelli Stadium, a groundbreaking project has been completed. The Stadium is the home of VIS Pesaro 1898, competing in the Lega PRO in Italy.
Covering an expansive 8000 square meters, HATKO proudly presents its FIFA Quality Pro certified BIO SURFACE system that comprises HATKO exclusive Omega XL yarns, and 100% natural infill materials. This unique system is designed with a special fusion technology that eliminates the use of latex and allows fast and even drainage through the whole backing of the carpet which is crucial for preventing the migration of low density natural infills.

The system uses exclusive and patented 100% natural stabilisation infill, BIO SAND, as stabilizing infill, specifically designed for replacing the stabilisation layer, usually silica sand. It allows the full recycling of the artificial turf, without cleaning operations as it is free from mineral sand. As for performance infill, this system is certified with BIO GROUND, a 100% natural high performance infill, made out of organic materials coming from secondary processing of raw food materials.

This FIFA Quality PRO certified BIO SURFACE system using 100% natural infills and resilient OMEGA XL fibers, guarantee surface performance and durability under intensive use performance thanks to the special coating technology that fuses the tufts to the backing creating a strong tuftlock.

What sets this project apart is its commitment to sustainability. The use of biosand as performance infill and bio ground as stabilizing infill showcases an environmentally responsible approach. These innovative infill materials not only contribute to the longevity of the pitch but also reduce its environmental footprint. It's a win-win, where sustainability meets superior performance.