Hatko for Tajikistan National Training Center

In the heart of the Varzob region in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, a new chapter in football excellence has been written. HATKO, renowned for its innovations in sports surfaces, has proudly completed a remarkable project as part of the FIFA Forward initiative. This project involved building a brand new training facility for the Tajikistan National Team that will shape the future of football infrastructure in Tajikistan.

The FIFA Forward project is a groundbreaking initiative that focuses on elevating football development globally. It’s a testament to FIFA‘s commitment to nurturing the sport at all levels, empowering member associations, and promoting infrastructure enhancements that drive progress. HATKO‘s involvement in this project underscores the company’s dedication to advancing football’s frontiers.

HATKO‘s contribution to the Tajikistan National Team Training Facility comes in the form of two outstanding football pitches. The first is a synthetic pitch featuring HATKO‘s FIFA Quality Pro system, Invicto R. This pitch isn’t solely a playing surface; it’s a space where skills are developed, aspirations are realized, and successes are achieved. Its FIFA certification is a testament to its quality, meeting the highest standards set by the governing body.

The second pitch showcases HATKO‘s prowess in innovation with the Hatko Hybridgrass system. This unique blend of natural aesthetics and synthetic durability offers the best of both worlds. The pitch’s achievement of 4 stars from a field test conducted by Propitch is a testament to its exceptional performance, resilience, and suitability for professional training and matches.

HATKO‘s involvement in the Tajikistan National Team Training Facility isn’t just about installing pitches; it’s about unlocking potential. These pitches will be the training ground for future football heroes, the arena where strategies are refined, and teamwork thrives. The quality and caliber of these pitches will undoubtedly play a crucial role in propelling Tajikistan’s football to new heights.