How Much Does It Cost to Lay Artificial Grass?

You may have heard a lot about artificial grass in recent years. Because people who are in good financial condition with any land are preferred to invest in artificial turf. At this point, everyone is wondering about the prices of artificial turf.

  • Artificial lawns are built once and can be used without spoiling for many years. So it is more convenient compared to natural grass.
  • Prices of artificial turf may initially be high for you. However, because it does not require a lot of maintenance and does not wear out easily, it becomes a very profitable investment over time.

In 2006, artificial turf made by FIFA is more preferred especially in professional fields. Because there are some rules determined by FIFA and it is not possible to do sports in your field if these rules are not followed. According to the evaluation made by FIFA, natural grass sports are not only safe but also reduce the quality of natural grass play. This is why a remedy has been sought and the idea of ​​artificial turf has been approved.

Artificial Turf Pitches Should Be Preferred Or Natural Grass Pitches Should Be Preferred?

Natural grass can still be used in amateur fields. But think about it; you have a child and you want to make your child athletes/sporters. (Let’s say this sport is football) Your child should register to a sports club when they are younger. At this point, your child’s sports club is very important. The sports club should be made with quality equipment. Especially the ground where your child will play football is very important.

How Much Does It Cost To Lay Artificial Grass

Now let’s compare the two kids together. A children’s playground is offered in a sports club covered with artificial turf. The other child is trained in a sports club with natural grass. In this example one of the children is more fortunate more lucky. That boy is a kid on artificial turf, as all of you can imagine.

I feel like you are asking why. Now let’s compare natural grass floor with artificial grass floor together;

Artificial Grass AstroTurrf Surfaces Natural Grass AstroTurf Surfaces
1.       Your child enrolled in a sports club with an artificial turf and began to do sports. Your child will not have a balance problem when compared to natural grass. Because artificial turf floors are slippery floors. And your child will be able to exercise on a safe ground in a more balanced manner. 2.       Your child enrolled in a sports club with natural grass flooring and started to do sports. Your child will be forced to check the balance of the first point. The reason why he / she has problems in balance is that the nature of the natural grass is slippery. This causes a decrease in the quality of the sport.
3.       Your child can dominate the ball in artificial turf very easily. Because the ball’s bounce percentage is the same at every point. 4.       Your child cannot gain a lot of dominance on the natural grass floor because the percentage of bounce of the ball is not the same at every point.
5.       Fake Grass floors can be used very comfortably during the winter months. Because it is not damaged in bad weather conditions. 6.       Natural grass floors wear very quickly in winter. You cannot do sports on natural grass floors at any time.

There are many more advantages such as artificial grass floors. The cost of artificial turf is quite reasonable. For many years, Hatko Sport has been a specialist in its business and is working for your satisfaction. Please visit our website for more information and to see our range of artificial turf floors and contact us.