Is artificial grass worth the money?

Artificial grass is made of synthetic material with a real turf shape. You must know the real grass. Artificial turf have so many advantages. For example, artificial grass costs less than real grass for carpet field operators. Although artificial turf may seem expensive at first, it is much more advantageous in terms of maintenance than real turf. So the real lawn may be cheaper, but even if the artificial turf exceeds the price of artificial turf, it does not require any maintenance. Likewise, it is very advantageous for the user to use artificial grass in the garden of your home. Artificial lawns provide all of the advantages for the football stadium for your home garden. When you consider the advantages of artificial turf, you can believe that it is definitely worth the money you give.

Artificial grass requires;

  • No watering
  • No Feeding
  • No moving
  • Less maintenance
  • Cost-advantages
  • Long life time ( at least 25 years )
  • Manufactured from recyled materials.

But there is a point to be aware of. Artificial turf stadium is different from artificial turf garden. The thickness of the artificial turf and the yarns it contains are produced according to the area to be used. For example, for garden landscaping, artificial grass thickness is less. The thickness of artificial turf is higher for professional football fields. For example, 10mm, 18mm thicknesses are used for landscaping and 30mm, 40mm and 50mm artificial turf is used for professional football stadiums. But both are very high quality and durable products according to the purpose.

Just need to pay attention to the right choice of artificial turf manufacturer company. For example, an artificial turf manufacturer Hatko Sport is a company based in Turkey. With many references worldwide, our company makes professional FIFa approved football pitches all over the world. You can contact with Hatko Sport for how to buy artificial grass?

The picture above belongs to Hatko’s artificial grass installation Zenit-Saint Petersburg – Russia.

The quality of artificial turf is very important. For example, if you buy poor quality artificial turf made in China, you make a wrong investment with this choice. Because artificial turf made in China is weak and of poor quality. This brings the damages of cheap artificial turf. Artificial grass carpet made in China has become a very common product in our country and in the world. There are some points to consider if you’re thinking of getting cheap artificial turf carpets.

In recent years, the use of artificial turf carpets has become increasingly common. The main reason for this is that artificial grass carpets are compared to natural grass carpets;

  • Low maintenance
  • More economical in terms of initial investment cost
  • Resistant to bad weather conditions.

However, no matter how affordable the synthetic turf carpets, some buyers prefer cheap or chinese artificial turf for economic reasons. Now we will talk about the damages of cheap artificial turf carpets.

What Are the Damages of Cheap Artificial Turf Carpet?

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Synthetic lawns are like natural lawns and do not require daily maintenance. This is one of the reasons why synthetic turf is widespread. However, when cheap and poor quality artificial turf made in China is preferred, the deformation time of artificial turf is accelerated and this will return you at extra cost.

When maintenance of artificial turf is done regularly, service life is extended. Artificial grass with a lifetime of at least 10 years can be used with peace of mind for up to 25 years when it is maintained. However, the usage period of artificial turf carpets made in China varies according to the quality of turf carpets.

Grass carpets are generally preferred in open areas such as balconies, terraces, gardens, playgrounds and football fields. Therefore, artificial turf must be very resistant to bad weather conditions. It is known that synthetic grass carpets of normal quality are resistant to rainy weather conditions. However, synthetic grass carpets made of grass goods are more durable in extreme rainy and cold weather. Therefore, it deforms in a short period of time and consequently there is an extra cost.

In addition, there are many different opinions about whether synthetic grass is hygienic. Research has shown that synthetic grass is more hygienic than natural grass. This means that artificial turf is safer for health. Grass goods are prevented from creating a hygienic environment with cheap materials used during the production of artificial turf carpets.

In addition, the use of cheap artificial turf carpets instead of natural turf on football pitches leads to an increase in muscle injuries. This is a proven case. This is due to the fact that under artificial turf carpets, there is not a soft ground like natural grass, but a flat and hard ground. The latex flooring of synthetic grass carpets made in China is also of poor quality, so injuries are more common.

We recommend you to purchase artificial turf from Hatko Sport which the quality artificial grass produced in Turkey and you benefit from the artificial turf.

Why Choose Artificial Turf?

artificial landscape grass

Less Maintenance

Although artificial turf needs maintenance, it is not as strenuous and costly as natural grass. It does not require irrigation, mowing or fertilizing. It repeats all normal qualities of a natural lawn in terms of appearance and feel, and allows you to sit back and enjoy your open space instead of endless treatments. Artificial grass is a particularly attractive option if you live in an acidic soil or other ground condition that makes it difficult to develop natural grass.


Artificial turf carpets that are produced both for professional use and for garden landscaping are very safe. Especially produced from fireproof material, these artificial grass carpets are suitable for use in all seasons.

Long lasting

Natural grass will look dull in winter. However, artificial turf will remain green 365 days a year. It has UV protection to minimize fading and dries quickly when exposed to rain or light irrigation through drainage channels. Your artificial lawn will continue to be there for years to have a green garden. Likewise, a suitable environment will be created for the use of outdoor football  pitches in cold months.

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