La Caleras New Football Heart

Unión La Calera is a Chilean football club based in La Calera founded in 1954, playing in Primera División de Chile (Chile Premier League). Estadio Nicolás Chahuán Nazar after serving for 61 years, is now rebuild with same name and location as its predecessor. The Complete new Structure is rotated to the north-south axis and will have 10.000 spectator capacity. Unión La Calera fans are so impatience with their stadium. After a great 2017 campaign they won a spot in the top flight and could really use the new stadium. Estadio Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Stadium will be ready for 2019 season.

Union La Calera is heading towards the championship, the expectations about stadium are becoming higher. The club managers believe that they cannot get the performance about durability and usage time, they want from natural grass, chose their preferences to our Omega Turf RC which gives high.

FIFA Qualtiy Pro
La Calera / Chile