Mini Soccer Pitch Construction

Cageball indoor field
Mini Football Pitch Construction

With our unique modular design, we are able to dramatically cut down on construction costs and empower schools, soccer clubs, organizations, and entrepreneurs around the country to build the soccer field of their dreams.

What CAGEBALL offers

  • Ideal for intensive football playing 6-10 people
  • Fast and precise installation
  • Plug and play in 5 days
  • All sizes and specifications can be customized
  • Efficient transportation with container utilization
  • Possibility of single or multi-field layouts
  • Can be adapted for multisport
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • All components resistant to all weather conditions

Cageball has been invented seeking a way to play football despite bad winter conditions. Due to the enclosed environment, the ball is always in play making the game faster and more dynamic, putting greater emphasis on football technique.

 Construction of a Mini-Artificial Football Field

Mini-astroturf or mini-astropitch or mini-artificial football field has become a new trend in the last couple of years. The main difference from a conventional Astroturf is, as mentioned in its name, these are smaller than the traditional ones. It is mostly preferred at small villages or towns where the population is not so big. Their dimensions are mostly 20X40 m, or 35X60 m. If there is a commercial purpose, the dimensions may be 25X45 m or 30X50 m. At these fields you may have football games with 6 to 6, 7 to 7 or 8 to 8 players, but the field would be small for a game with 11 to 11 players.

There is no difference in constructing between a normal field and a mini field, only difference is the dimensions. So, the construction time is shorter at the mini-astroturf. A time of 3-4 weeks is enough for construction inappropriate conditions, but according to weather and some other factors, construction time may extend to one and a half months or more.

The construction process starts with infrastructure work, then placing the poles and the fence and finally finishes with the placing artificial turf on the ground that makes the field ready for the delivery to the customer.

How to Construct Mini-Artificial Football Field

Mini-astroturf constructing has some phases in which the work should be done carefully and delicately. Because, if any tiny process is missed or held improperly, fixing may be so expensive or even impossible. This will increase the time of delivery and total cost which is an undesired consequence. So it will be wise to prefer working with experienced and competent artificial turf companies from the beginning.

As Ekip Sports Company, we are in the mini-football field construction business for many years. We have built hundreds of fields with %100 customer satisfaction by the help of our quality based working principles. If you think about having a mini-astroturf, you will be very happy and delighted working with us.

Infrastructure Work of a Mini-Artificial Football Field

The first base of building a mini-field is the infrastructure. The main work of the infrastructure is the earthwork. The surface is the most important part of a field and it should be constructed on a strong foundation. The foundation process begins with excavating a proper trench whose dimensions are calculated according to the type of the soil and construction plans. The earthwork should be done carefully and after removing the earthwork, the trench should be encircled with concrete beams. Then the steel mesh will be prepared and placed inside the trench.

One of the most important issues of a football pitch at this phase is the water drainage. The water is the biggest enemy of a proper foundation and all the possible underground water and rainfall/snowfall water should be driven out with a well-built and strong drainage system. Otherwise, the foundation would be damaged or unwanted puddles may occur on the surface. After placing pole anchors for the fence mesh to the proper places, the trench will be ready for the concrete.

Then the trench will be filled with proper aggregate and concrete according to the plan. While pouring concrete to the trench, the surfacing should be done smoothly and the slope should be arranged according to the calculations. After waiting enough time for the concrete to dry, the first phase is over.

Placing Poles and the Wire Fence Mesh

After concrete is totally dried, fence poles will be welded to the anchors. Then poles will be connected with upper and middle horizontal support poles. Also diagonal support poles should be welded to the horizontal poles at the corners.

In order to use the field in the darkness, a strong and sufficient lightening system should be installed. The most proper lightening system for a mini-astroturf is the strong projectors at the corners. In order to achieve this, projector poles with ladder should be placed at the corners. Also, for the entrance; one, two or desired numbers of hinged doors should be placed.

After these works, the general shape of the field becomes visible. Two goalposts will be placed and all the poles and iron work will be painted according to the customer desire (mostly green is preferred). Then the wire fence mesh will be constructed by using the poles and will be tied with steel ropes.

After these, the upper part of the field will be covered with polyamide net in order to prevent the balls going outside. The same net will be placed also at the back of the goalposts. After placing projectors and electric wiring, the second phase will be accomplished.

Placing Artificial Turf of the Mini-Football Field

The final phase is placing the artificial turf. Artificial grass turfs should be laid on the aggregate properly and smoothly. The turf should be pasted on the ground with proper adhesives. If pasting process is done improperly, some parts may be ripped in the close future. The most appropriate adhesive material is the double-component-polyurethane.

After this, the lining will be done according to the desired plans. The outer places of the football field can be painted with tile red color in order to express the borders of the field. And finally, special sand granules will be applied on the surface and the field is ready for the play.

Cost of a Mini-Football Field

Mini-football field is a little cheaper than the conventional artificial football fields because the area is smaller. But to give an exact number of cost money is almost impossible because there are so many variables about construction. Mini-football fields are special structures that different factors like; the dimensions of the field, the type of artificial grass, electrical wiring, etc. directly affect the total cost. For more assistance and detailed calculations of a mini-football field, you can contact us from our website or phone with our number; +90 216 3787400.