Multi-Purpose Field Constructon

You can request all kinds of information from our company including technical and cost about multi-purpose field construction. Multipurpose fields are made of synthetic floors used for sports purposes. Multi-purpose sports fields; It has suitable ground and lines for football, basketball, tennis and volleyball games. Varieties are as follows;

  • a. Outdoor multi-purpose sports fields
  • b. Indoor multipurpose sports fields


  1. Multi-purpose synthetic grass (18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm),
  2. Acrylic floor paint (3-4mm),
  3. Cuhsion acrylic floor (rubber granular added acrylic floor),
  4. Tartan or EPDM floors

Suggested Measures:
Multi-purpose field construction measures 18m x 36m is preferred. Based on the measurements of tennis court construction. However, smaller or larger multi-purpose sports fields can be built up in dimensions such as housing estate and school.

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Multi-Purpose Field Constructon

What is the cost of multi-purpose field construction?

The cost of these type pitches include sports ground construction, (imitation grass, tartan, acrylic ground), indoor/outdoor site construction, paint works, 3.5mm 5x5cm PVC coating wire mesh construction, lighting (400W projectors or 100-150W LED).

Where Should Multi-Purpose Fields Be Located?

Multi-purpose fields are becoming more popular nowadays. These fields can accommodate many activities in line with the wishes of the society. The multi-purpose fields are divided into various types as:  

  • Football field and volleyball court
  • Basketball court and football field
  • Volleyball court and basketball court
  • Volleyball court and tennis court
  • Football field, volleyball court and basketball court

Can be made in various ways and these varieties may vary. In these fields, people can have a good time and enjoy their activities. Is the type of field made according to people’s wishes, and if people can access where they want or always see? We will try to tell you where these multi-purpose fields should be located. If you wish, let’s explain where they should be located in points with the reasons.

 Housing Estates: It is important that multi-purpose fields are inside the housing estates. It is very important that the children living in the housing estates spend their time comfortably and even for other people.

  1. Park and Picnic Areas: It will be possible for people to spend their time to make their trip to these fields even more enjoyable with activities to be done in multi-purpose fields.
  2. School Areas: Since schools have the lack of adequate garden facilities, multi-purposed fields fulfill this inadequacy. With the help of multi-purpose fields, instead of providing separate space for each field, it provides enough space and opportunity for students.
  3. Large Facilities: even if the facilities are large enough, they can sometimes be insufficient for activities, so multi-purpose fields should be preferred.

 We have examined the places where multi-purpose fields can be located, and these examples can be increased.

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