National Evangelical School for Girls and Boys

National Evangelical Scholl is an important education place. A great tradition deserves high quality football field. National Evangelical School in Lebanon, chose Hatko Nova Artificial Turf and Hatko Athlon FPU for their students. School has great historical buildings and they combined innovative Hatko Nova Artificial Turf. Hatko Nova is a milestone for new era in artificial turf industry. Nova Turf gives resilience and durability. Yarn resilience gives players a perfect ball control. Hatko Athlon FPU System has instilated for track around the field. Athlon FPU System is an impermeable outdoor track system in total thickness of 15 mm specially designed for excellent resilience, energy restitution and shock absorption. Athlon FP is installed in a multi-layered application and featuring 3 specialized layers.

Nova 60