New HATKO Hockey system is certified by FIH

HATKO NATIONAL PRO IS 15 has been certified as a National 1 Category of Product by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

As a FIH Certified Manufacturer, HATKO now has 3 different accredited hockey systems;

1. HATKO Global Pro X : Global Category
2. HATKO Global Pro : Global Category
3. HATKO National PRO IS 15: National 1 Category


HATKO Global Pro X and  HATKO Global Pro are designed specifically for

hockey and have become the surface of choice for top-level competitions. The surfaces have short, dense, piles that are non-filled. Accredited as Global Category; this class of hockey turf provides the best playing qualities and are laid on Global Elite and Global category fields, used for top-level international and national competitions.

HATKO National PRO IS 15 is also designed specifically for hockey and is quite similar in concept to non-filled turfs.The pile is, however, slightly longer and more open, which allows it to be partly dressed with a sand ballast. This ballast helps allow the surfaces to be used when dry or wet. This system is accredited as National 1 which is suitable for lower level international, national, club and community hockey.