Outdoor Artificial Turf Construction cost 2019

Synthetic grass astroturf products generally classified into 2 groups :

  • Outdoor artificial grass
  • Indoor artificial grass

Both of them can be used for sport fields surfaces and landscape and garden surface.

For the outdoor fake grass construction the most important requirement is that the artificial grass carpet should have a UV light’s specialities. Thus the color of the grass will not be fade. In addition, in the cold and hot climates the grasses shold not be  broken and melted.  Thus, the artificial grass can be uses in for all climates. Hatko grass, produces and assembly  both  two types of astroturf surfaces. And the Hatko grass will be carry out all fnish Project for you.

There are so many factors which effect the indoor imitation grass cost in 2019. Briefly, spor field size, pile height and characteristics of artificial grass carpet, ceiling height of indoor area, closure elements to be used and features of iron construction can be listed.

Outdoor Artificial turf construction

When you compared the natural grass, the maintenance of artificial grass is so easy. It is not needed to irrigation and plantation. The surface of the grass should be free of any residue such as leaves and garbage. For maintenance, only a few maintenance operations are required, including sand addition, maintenance of the drainage system and the addition of rubber granules, if any.

Hatko grass, presents the outdoor synthetic grass and indoor artificial turf maintenance programs for you. Thus ;

  • Artificial grass surfaces life will be extended.
  • If the surface target is sport, the safety of players is provided.
  • Sand and granule filled system performance features increase
  • The aesthetic specialties of surface will be increases.
  • The overall degree of satisfaction required for players, trainers and all relevant people is provided.

If you want to get information about the open field construction and to be informed in detail about the indoor synthetic grass area cost 2019, please contact Hatko Sports Systems.

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