Rugby Synthetic Grass

Rugby artificial turf

The floor is so important for a Rugby sport which is a sport based on high power and fitness.

Hatko Sports artificial grass, which preferred by professionals keeps on always high level the value of performance and it keeps on sports pleasure at high level.

The softness of the yarn structure of our synthetic turf, which is specially developed for rugby sports, reduces the amount of impact on hard ground. Also, our special grass which is produced for rugby field construction passed the tests of UV resistance successfully.

Artificial grass Rugby pitches

The sizes of rugby field; the length of the rugby field should not more than 100 meters, and the width of rugby field is should not more than 70 meters. In rugby, the post-goal sizes is 5-6 meters width and 3 meters heights. The poles on the sides of the fortress and forming the H shape should be greater than 3-4 meters. The number of shots passing through these poles and over the middle pole is considered as a number. After counting, a 2-point conversion shot is made between rugby post-goal poles.

Measures of Rugby Field

In the construction of the rugby field, the Try field is not inside of field sizes. Try field should be at least 10-meter lengths because the players can put the ball floor easily, and when they fast they should easily stop and from disability prevention.

In the Rugby, the crown throws are used from the crown line where the ball comes from. At the point where the throw is made, there are players who try to catch the ball between the dotted lines of 5 meters and 15 meters.