The new full size pitch inaugurated in Vora, Albania

For more than a decade now, UEFA's successful HatTrick programme has had a positive impact on the development of European football – helping to strengthen the roots of the game across the continent –and it has become one of the largest solidarity and development programmes ever to be established by a sports body.

The HatTrick programme was launched ahead of UEFA EURO 2004 and is entirely funded by revenue from the European Football Championship. It was established to provide financial support to UEFA’s member associations in order to develop and foster football at all levels

UEFA HatTrick funding has been supporting the FShF’s mission to improve facilities all over the country, including the laying of pitches (and mini-pitches). 

Bringing more people into the game is the primary mission of the Football Association of Albania (FShF), which is striving to improve local infrastructure with plans to lay new pitches all over the country, in association with local clubs and municipal authorities. 

"Our mission is to strengthen the game and promote its values throughout the Albanian population; to improve our performances on the pitch but also the quality of life of all of our citizens. Our commitment is to lay foundations for the years ahead with a focus on engaging more children in football, while developing the competitions and infrastructure that will deliver the best footballing experience possible. We will remain innovative and inclusive in our efforts and act with responsibility and integrity given the pivotal role our sport plays across the country." Armand Duka, FShF president

As HATKO, we are incredibly proud to be part of this incredibly important initiative. 

After the one built in the Dinamo complex in Arbanë, another new full size pitch has been added to the Tirana sports distric, in the Ahmetaq unit of Vorë Municipality.

The field, which is located next to Ahmetaq's school, has been transformed from an abandoned space into a modern environment that will host Vora's football players, from all teams of all ages, who will train there, while the field will also be available to the community.