The Prices Of Artificial Turf Carpets Determination

Grass carpet prices may vary according to many factors. So, what are the factors that cause a change in the prices of artificial turf carpet?

Artificial grass carpet is not produced for you to use in a single area. Moreover, the fact that it is very practical to use makes it especially preferred. Artificial grass, which is more preferred than natural grass, is more preferred in football fields. Moreover, no matter what the weather conditions do not wear synthetic grass carpet does not require watering, this eliminates your cost. So, where can synthetic grass carpet be used outside football pitches?

Grass carpet;

  • football fields,
  • tennis courts
  • home gardenv( arttificial landscape grass )
  • outside of other sports fields,
  • hotel garden,
  • cafe gardens,
  • terrace
  • balcony

It can be used in places such as.

  1. Artificial Grass Carpet Prices by Pile Length

The first criterion for changing the prices of artificial grass carpet is the pile size of the turf. The type of yarn used in the air affects not only the price but also the quality of the synthetic grass carpet. Grass carpet pile sizes vary between 6 mm and 60 mm and are produced with pile size between 6 mm and 15 mm. The carpets which are produced with pile size between 15 mm and 55 mm are available in front of the workplace, terraces, balconies, cafe gardens and aesthetic grass carpet models produced for various organizations.

Grass carpets that you prefer for football fields are produced in pile sizes between 55 and 60 mm. The reason for the change of grass carpet prices according to the pile size is that every millimeter changes the durability and weaving frequency of the grass carpet.

  1. Artificial Turf Carpet Prices According to Yarn Type

Artificial turf carpet prices may vary according to yarn type. Grass carpets are not produced from single yarn and different synthetic grass carpet ropes are added to the lawn intermittently to make the carpet look more natural. Thanks to synthetic threads, lawn carpets, which gain a more natural appearance, also appear fuller.

Synthetic threads that are added to the grass carpet increase the cost according to the type and frequency of use. For this reason, the price increases for each synthetic rope added to the grass carpet.

The contents of the ropes are produced in different types such as fibril, vertebrate and monofilament. Artificial and synthetic materials that add naturalness to the look and texture of grass carpets, monofilament and fibril rope types of different thickness are used more frequently in the carpet, the more natural the carpet appearance. However, when the use of these ropes is excessive, the carpet may deteriorate. Therefore, you should not make such a request to the manufacturer so that your carpet looks natural.

The Prices Of Artificial Turf Carpets Determination

What Are Other Materials of Artificial Turf?

Another reason for the change in grass carpet prices is the side materials that are effective in the application phase. Special adhesives must be used in order to place the synthetic grass carpet you want in the region you want. Although the region you demand is taken into consideration during the production of grass carpet, unfortunately the carpets may still need to be combined. Helmetin cloth is used when this jointing process is done and this affects your cost of turf carpet. In addition, sand and granule filling can be made during the application phase. It is very important to consider the pile size of the carpet during sand and granule filling. You should know that granular and sand filling affects the natural appearance of the carpet. However, there are also economic models of granule filling. If you wish, you can reduce your grass carpet cost by choosing from these models.

Artificial Turf Carpet Usage Areas And Advantages?

Artificial turf carpet usage areas are increasing day by day and it is one of the best quality grass carpets where the suitable model can be found. There are many different areas of use, as well as many of its features. But you should know that the cost you will endure for different uses will be different.

Undoubtedly, the most important characteristics of synthetic turf carpets are that they do not require maintenance or irrigation. Even in adverse weather conditions, when compared with natural grass, the rate of exposure is minimal and even if it is wet due to weather conditions such as rain or snow, it can dry for the shortest time and be used for years.

The difference in the usage areas of grass carpets makes it possible to evaluate everywhere. This model, which can be used even in football fields, can be seen even in places such as children’s playground, garden balcony, cafe or garden. It is important to find the right product for your needs and to make the right application.

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