What are the Stages of Astro Turf Construction?

Carpet field (astrotuf) construction stages can be evaluated in two stages; the first stage is the official process and the second stage is the construction stage. In the first stage, we determine the area we will make carpet field, investigate the zoning plan from the relevant municipality and get the necessary permissions for the carpet field construction. In order to get permission from the municipality in a short time, our company offers the necessary projects and technical drawings related to carpet field construction to our customers free of charge. In the second stage, after the application works of our engineers in the field where the field carpet field will be made. The appropriate infrastructure formwork is started to be made and at the same time we have started the steel production of the carpet field project that we have determined in our factory. As Hatko Sport, we offer you the best quality carpet pitches with 30 years of experience.

After the carpet field infrastructure is finished, we provide the shipment of the steel construction to the construction site. Our expert team performs the assembly of our finished steel. It takes about ten days for the steel installation on the construction site. Immediately behind the previously prepared wire, mesh, electrical installation is performed. According to the weather conditions, respectively (tarpaulin-hair, etc.) is done. carpet is assembled and the field is delivered in approximately 30 working days.

When we talk about football pitches for hobby or sports, we can think of two types of carpet pitches: indoor soccer carpet field and outdoor carpet soccer field. The ceiling and its surroundings are covered with materials such as iron or canvas according to the material used, while the ceiling section of the open carpet area is known as open.

All carpet pitches should be designed in such a way as to prevent the ball from going off the pitch in accordance with the rules of the game. Therefore, there are also tarpaulins or iron wire fences that cover the open carpet fields. Optionally, portable options such as tribunes can also be preferred.

How is Outdoor Carpet Field Construction?

  • First of all, the ground where the carpet area will be made is examined and excavation and excavation works are carried out along the area.
  • Ready-mix concrete is made by placing iron apparatuses on the excavated ground.
  • Thus, the pitch of the carpet field is completed.
  • After the concrete pouring, the crushed crushed stone is poured onto the ground and compacted with the help of a cylinder.
  • In order to prevent fluctuations in the field, number one crushed stone is poured on the compacted ground.
  • The number one crushed stone is balanced by applying scales on the ground.
  • Thus, a flat and smooth carpet field floor is obtained.

After the ground infrastructure works are finished, the geotextile felt which is called as flecked is wetted and laid on the floor. The synthetic carpet, which is specially prepared according to the floor, is laid on the felt carpet. Lawn carpets are bonded to each other with special glue. After completing bonding process, the rules of the game are determined within the football rules and white artificial grass is applied to those parts in line. Finally, the homogeneous brushing process is carried out on the ground by pouring the washed, sieved and fired sand and granules, which are called as register sand, to the floor. After these steps, the floor of the carpet field becomes available to play ball.

After the floor of the open carpet field is ready, iron and pipe installation process is started. The castle posts at the two ends of the site are first mounted vertically. Then, the upper and lower castle poles are assembled by welding, while the corners are welded diagonally.

After the castle poles are prepared, the lighting system poles that will illuminate the area around the open carpet pitch are planted in a proportional and even manner. After iron and pipe operations, the dyeing process of these irons is performed with industrial paints according to the request of the owner.

What are the Stages of AstroTurf Construction

What is the Outdoor Carpet Field Construction Cost ?

Cost calculation of open carpet pitches varies according to the planned projects. From the quality of artificial turf to the materials to be used in the environmental factor of the carpet field, many factors are cost effective. So, at the end, this is a profitable investment for the investors.

The steel structure properties of the carpet field, the material quality used in the subfloor, the lighting products determined for the lighting system, the electrical system is a cost. And also the type of synthetic grass, the environmental covering of the carpet field, the optional dressing room, cafeteria, shower, VAR room, score board, tribune A large number of things change the cost of astroturf.

The size of the open carpet area is also a decisive factor in terms of cost. Mini soccer or more professional multi-purpose carpet pitches have different length and width dimensions. For outdoor carpet pitches, 1500 square meters of 30 meters x 50 meters are generally preferred.

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