What type of grass is used on football fields?

Artificial grass is produced as an alternative to natural grass and is a product whose raw material is petroleum. Artificial football fields made of artificial grass carpet. And these artificial grass material has much more advantages over natural grass. Synthetic grass has evolved over the years to replace natural grass and is very beneficial in terms of usage advantages. The easy-care artificial turf allows for many years of use.

  • Football field, rugby, tennis, golf etc. synthetic grass used on these sports grounds;
  • Landscape; cafe, restaurant, garden as landscape and balcony decoration.

Synthetic lawns have started to be produced due to problems in using and creating natural lawns.

Rubber granule filled, polyethylene yarn woven from the last system synthetic turf fibers– artificial turf carpets are available.

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Natural grass is very resistant to harsh weather conditions. In addition, natural grass has a daily life of 2-3 hours. However, artificial and synthetic grass is much more durable and long lasting than natural grass. Naturalness is always preferred, but thanks to artificial turf, your one-time investment will keep you comfortable for many years!

Don’t be intimidated by the cost of artificial grass and synthetic grass. Because the cost of natural turf is both lower and no recurring expenditure! Artificial grass has become an increasingly preferred method of germination in recent years. If you want to try and be informed, here are some tips. Pool edges, balconies, terraces, gardens or hotels, restaurants, such as can be easily used in the artificial turf can reach an endless expanse of greenery.

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The maintenance of artificial grass is as follows:

  • Keep your pets away from the ground, such as cats and dogs.
  • Very easy to clean. There is nothing you can do when you clean up the mess between them on a daily basis.
  • Do not use any chemicals that will damage the fiber structure of the floor.
  • No fire should be made on the lawn system and care should be taken when removing snow in heavy snowfall.
  • Do not place heavy loads on artificial turf in order to avoid deformation.
  • It is more appropriate for qualified personnel to intervene for any repairs.

As long as you pay attention to all these care recommendations, you can use your hatkosport.com/artificial-grass with peace of mind for a long time. Artificial lawns are charged with square meters. In this season you can have artificial germination in your summer garden or balcony and terrace of your house with payment terms suitable for your budget. On warm days, you can freely enjoy the feeling that you have left yourself in the lap of nature.

Advantages of Artificial Grass for Football Field

What type of grass

The advantages of best artificial grass are quite high. Now let’s examine it in order.

  1. Artificial Turf is Long-Lasting

Artificial turf carpet used in fields such as carpet field construction, garden landscape; it is very advantageous in terms of usage time compared to natural grass. In the field of sports and landscaping, artificial turf allows use for at least 10-15 years if the instructions for use are followed. This period is quite advantageous over natural grass. Using the same product healthy for years will make you profitable in the long run.

  1. Maintenance Costs are Low.

Although artificial turf is seen more costly than natural grass in the first place; In the long run the cost of artificial turf will be much less. Natural grass; additional maintenance costs such as irrigation, fertilization, mowing are needed. These costs will be higher than the amount you will spend on artificial turf in the long run. In artificial turf, maintenance costs are very low. So; you will not have to deal with costs and jobs such as fertilizing, mowing.

  1. Not Affected by Natural Events.

One of the biggest disadvantages of natural grass used in football fields is; rain, snow. At the same time, the colors of the natural grass turn yellow in sunny weather and therefore the natural grass cannot maintain its green appearance. Synthetic grass; it allows use in rainy weather, is not affected by the sun’s rays. This allows him to create a field, garden that can be used in all conditions.

  1. On the Natural Grass Field, 7 Days Training can be done on average 1 Artificial Grass Field per week.

There is an average of 1 training per week in the natural grass field, while the synthetic grass carpet field can be trained every day. Artificial turf maintenance is easy to apply, allowing you to train on it every day. It is necessary to irrigate, mow and fertilize natural grass in certain periods. This prevents frequent use. Choosing artificial turf carpet to eliminate this disadvantage will take you one step forward.

  1. Can Be Used In Many Fields.

Artificial turf surface carpets can be used in many areas; Synthetic grass carpets suitable for use in fields such as garden landscaping, balcony arrangement, all sports floors, carpet field construction; It has many alternatives. Each category offers different product options within its own product group. In other words, to choose the right product suitable for the intended use; will be your best option.

Note That;

For example; It would be a big mistake to use a product produced for garden landscaping on football fields. Therefore; it is best to choose the product according to the project and get professional support.

  1. Easy to apply to the floor.

One of the most important works in artificial turf application is the preparation of the existing ground. In order to make the synthetic grass to be used look more healthy and beautiful, our floor must be suitable for it. If the infrastructure work is done correctly, artificial turf football field installation can be performed easily on all floors.

  1. There is no harm.

There is no harm in using artificial turf carpets, even though there are some hesitations about the products which are petroleum raw materials. So you can use artificial turf on all floors with peace of mind. However, it is useful to give the following information. We recommend that you seek support from a specialist company to prevent bacterial growth due to incorrect application. The reason for the formation of bacteria is caused by incorrect applications. So artificial turf does not have any harm. It also minimizes the risk of injury from falls.

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