Which Artificial Grass is The Best For Football Field?

Football is one of the most popular sports all over the world. Numerous tournaments are held each year, where one is a worldwide tournament. So what is football sport, on which ground can be played football, which artificial grass is the best for football field? We are writing the answer to these questions today, we will learn together. Firstly we will explain a little bit football sport features to you.

A football team is consist of 11 people. The match between two teams on the court without using hands and arms is a game. In the game her team has a stronghold and a goalkeeper protecting this stronghold. The teams have 10 players, except goalkeepers. The goal in football is to insert the ball into the goal of the opposing team. Entering into the goal is the top “goal” and the team passes one.

In football, only goalkeepers can take the ball to their hands in remote areas. As a rule, other players, except goalkeepers, must not have a hand-hitting contact. The ball is able to do along with the feet, head and other parts of their bodies.

Every team had a uniform. The player wearing this jersey has a number. These numbers are written at the beginning of the spreads. Only goalkeepers’ uniforms are different from other films. The reason this; not mixed with other films. In addition, the footballer’s special design must be a football shoe. You can only play with crampons shoes on the field.

Football is a sport with certain rules and characteristics. Hatko Sport we want to tell you how to play football in a quality and beautiful way. First, Hatko Sport is an artificial turf, hybrid grass manufacturer and constructer of football field. So you can reach all the details about football, we are a channel for you.

Artificial grass floors are produced by us in different thicknesses. Variety in different thicknesses varies according to sport in these products. 50mm artificial turf is the ideal lawn length for football sport. But these thicknesses may vary depending on your demand.

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Which Artificial Grass is the Most Realistic?

The question of how realistic and quality the artificial turf is is always asked. All artificial grass produced by Hatko Sport is very high quality and realistic. Because we produce the most realistic and high quality artificial grass thanks to the UV-added materials and 3D technology we use in production.  The best artificial grass manufactured by Hatko for you.

  • Artificial grass is produced with the most natural and peaceful tone of green.
  • Due to its structure, it is produced exactly the same as real grass.
  • Very durable and robust.
  • Minimizes the risk of injury in football.
  • Visually beautiful.

All sought after in an artificial turf is especially found in Hatko Sport artificial turf. The answer to the question of which artificial turf is the most realistic is the artificial turf produced by Hatko Sport. We have so many different options about artificial grass. Such as; Duograss, maxima, invicto, multisport, hybrid grass. Other than this there are so many quality artificial grass options in out product portfolio. Let’s talk about the best synthetic grass manufacturers.

Best Synthetic Grass Manufacturers Near Me

There are many companies that produce synthetic grass. The most important point here is how well we produce these lawns. Hatko Sport is one of the best synthetic grass manufacturers in the world. Many football stadiums built around the world refer to it. As a manufacturer based in Turkey Hatko Sport can export all over the world all over the world are able to build a football stadium. We can contact you to help you decide which artificial grass to choose. You can see our success in the sector by examining our references. You can learn how to install fake grass from us. Please contact us for more information.

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