Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is produced due to the limited usage of natural grass. Natural grass is not of a quality that can be used in all areas for a long time. As it is a living plant, it is damaged when pressed. Therefore, artificial turf has been used instead of real grass especially in sports field. From this point of view, artificial turf is the latest technology produced as an alternative to natural grass. As Hatko Sport, we are among the leading companies in the sector and we are building sports fields all over the world. We have quality certificates for artificial turf production. Now let’s learn more about artificial turf.

Proven Superior Features of Artificial Turf Carpet;

  • Reduced lubricity
  • Design and application to increase mobility
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Reduced sand usage
  • Ground suitability and bounce rate of the ball
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • UV resistance
  • Aesthetic Image
  • Eco Friendly

As you can see, artificial turf is a very useful and high quality product. It is a state of the art technology with a lifetime of at least 10 years that you can easily choose in sports fields. Areas where artificial turf carpet is used can be listed as follows;

  • Stadium and Sports Areas
  • Parks
  • Recreation Areas
  • Private Houses
  • Public Spaces
  • Golf Courses
  • Residences
  • Training Fields
  • Hippodrome and Haralar
  • Villa Gardens
  • Artificial Landscape Grass
  • Shopping Centers and Hotels

Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass

What Are The Differences Between Natural Grass And Synthetic Grass?


a) How do artificial turf affect the condition of athletes?

There is no difference between the two products in terms of athlete condition. When the ground is too soft, the condition increases a bit, and can have a little more effect on the muscle structure. This is all about fill quantities. Correct adjustment of the level of sand, sbr granule or epdm rubber used in the filling material of synthetic turf and the pile height of the yarn ensures that it meets the same football game norms as natural grass. Because of the heavy weather conditions, synthetic grass is an alternative to natural grass. Because on heavy ground athletes are forced to make more effort.

b) What is the connection between the athlete’s football technique and artificial turf?

Synthetic grass, which is an alternative to natural grass, is applied to the conditions of playing with the ball in order to give one-to-one interactions on natural grass ground and presented to the market. In synthetic turf, the target is aimed at natural grass and the properties are almost identical. But synthetic turf provides great advantages to football players both in terms of condition and technically. Today, the use of synthetic turf in infrastructure in professional clubs is increasing rapidly. Both the muscle development and technical development of the newly trained athletes are more efficient with synthetic turf.

On synthetic turf, players can be more agile and have more effective balls. Ball control is getting healthier. Because after every game on the natural grass somehow the ground needs to be leveled. The shield must be seated again. When the correct application is made, it is very difficult, almost impossible, for synthetic turf to have such ground lifts and deterioration of the ground. Therefore, the athletes are able to use the advantages of having the ball better.

What is the Effect of Artificial Turf on Football Performance?

The rollability of the ball depends on the flatness of the playing area, moisture content and naturalness, impacts from the player, the length and specific gravity of the grass. The ability of the ball to roll on the artificial turf field is the same as on the natural turf field. There is no worse situation for a footballer than bouncing the ball too high or not bouncing the ball. The player can easily adapt to the situation, but the important thing is that the ball bounce features must be better than the bounce on natural grass. If the ball is jumping on natural grass in various ways (on hard ground, wet or flooded ground), the artificial grass is properly applied, and no reversal occurs.

Already one of the objectives of the emergence of synthetic turf in the world for the emergence of equal conditions, especially in the output. It is very difficult to grow grass in regions like Africa compared to European countries. There are also differences between America and Russia in terms of grounds. It is not possible to obtain and apply the same performance from natural grass in every climate. But you can offer synthetic turf to the same standards everywhere. In international encounters, this factor emerges in fields in different geographies.

As you can see, artificial turf is a very advantageous product when compared with natural turf. For further information please contact Hatko Sport. The highest quality and most durable artificial grass is produced by Hatko Sport.

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