Grass Fence Panel

grass fence panel
Distinctive Features of Artificial Grass Fence Panels

With our artificial grass fence products, you can create decorative fence partitions indoors and outdoors. It is very durable thanks to the PVC material used in its production. The grass used on stainless wire is specially made of PVC material. No flammability, fading, deterioration and spillage. It has washable and paint retention properties. Assembly is possible in the desired dimensions and shape.

  • Grass Fence panel is produced with stainless, densely treated galvanized wires.
  • Grass fence does not catch fire.
  • While offering a more aesthetic appearance in addition to the density of the Grass Decoration Fence, the grass-like fence is especially used in areas where security needs are felt more.
  • Grass Security Fence is a four-season nature green crop that prevents unwanted images.
  • Grass Decor Fence is made of 100% Turkish.
  • Grass Fence panels likes water, cold and heat. Does not wear out in any way.
  • Grass Decor Fence is practical, long-lasting, nature-friendly and aesthetic.
  • #GrassFence is the product of a long-lasting creative work. It is produced with great efforts.
  • The Grass Decor Fence can be installed with ease by the user or by the installation team.
  • It is very high quality so it can be used without fading for many years.
  • You determine the size of the grass fence panels and are produced exclusively for you.

Turkey and across the border with the pride of our comprehensive and signing many successful projects around the world are expanding more and more each day. We have a respectable place in the sector and Hatko Sport is working with many respected companies. Since the day we were established, we have adopted the principle of keeping work / workmanship quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our goal is to raise the bar even higher in the sector, to sign more projects and most importantly to offer the most suitable project and quality product to our customers. Our company has accelerated its efforts on behalf of institutionalization, has identified many changes and strategies on this path and has implemented them at the same time. We are always behind this product we supply and we rely on the quality of our product to the end.

Add Aesthetic Appearence To Your Environment With Grass Fence Panel

Our Grass Fence Panels product is known as our product used for aesthetic appearance. Especially used in home and office gardens. Our product, which is incredible in terms of natural grass appearance and architecture, is used frequently. The reason why our product is architecturally perfect is because we are working with a very expert team. Together with our expert team, we provide you with the best quality products by examining every step of the production process to the smallest detail.

You want to add art to your walls? It is now very easy to turn your ugly wall images into architectural walls with the natural appearance. The main advantage of fake fence applications is that it offers you a living space intertwined with nature. You can feel yourself in a forest after you have built the grass fence panels. Grass fences that provide you with the most beautiful view of a real nature will also help you psychologically. Especially if you are tired of the noise and chaos of the city and you have your own private space, you can create a special world for yourself.

Our artificial hedge panels product has been the choice of hundreds of thousands of people for nearly 20 years. The ugly walls, which are a remnant of the rapidly developing construction sector in our society, are now being replaced by grass fence walls with a natural vision. When used together with the construction sector, it not only adds value to the buildings but also a better appearance.

Grass fence usage areas are quite high. Grass fence can be applied in every area you can imagine. For example;

  • housing
  • Workplaces
  • Parks and gardens
  • Roadside

It is available for use in many more areas. As Hatko Sport, we can guarantee the quality of the product we supply and the length of use. With grass fence panels, you can add beauty to your life while providing security. Our goal is to always ensure 100% customer satisfaction. For nearly 20 years, we have been working to improve your safety and the way we look at life. For more information about grass fence panels, please contact us.

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