Social Compliance Policy

As HATKO DOKUMA, our social responsibility policy is to work in accordance with business ethics that respects our employees and the society.This policy is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions, the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and national laws. In this context we commit:

1- Forced Labor:

  • Under no circumstances to employ forced labor, apply physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment and retention of identity papers, such as passports

2- Non-discrimination:

  • Not to discriminate in the recruitment and work environment based on gender identity, ethnicity, religion, race, national or social origin, age, physical capacity, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, any union membership, political or other opinion and similar issues,

3- Rights to organize and conduct collective bargaining:

  • To respect the right of all employees to organize and conduct collective bargaining within the framework of legal regulations,
  • Not to put pressure on or discriminate employees who use the right to organize and conduct collective bargaining.

4- Remuneration:

  • Not to discriminate in any way regarding remuneration,
  • To provide legal permits, compensation, overtime rates and all other related rights in accordance with legal requirements, working hours and overtime rates laws, and sectoral standards,

5- Work time:

  • That all employees have legal work permits and/or are contracted,
  • To pay a fair wage, at least at the minimum wage level; to conduct regular and timely payments,

6- Regular employment:

  • That company management determines open positions and employs in accordance with the law and in accordance with certain rules (foreign worker, egalitarian approach, permits, fees, vacation, employment contract, etc.).

7- Child labor:

  • To protect young workers over the minimum working age from all kinds of factors that may harm their social, physical and emotional development, occupational health and their education,

8- Occupational health and safety

  • To prevent occupational health and safety violations, which constitute a threat to health, safety and / or lives of workers in an absolute and short term,

9- Harassment or abuse

  • Not to allow corporal punishment, verbal, physical and psychological harassment or coercion.

10- Environmental protection:

  • To comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, to obtain the necessary environmental permits and to ensure compliance with the laws,
  • To ensure that our consumption, carbon and air emissions, use of natural resources and wastes are minimized; the storage, transportation and use of chemicals are in compliance with the rules and are not to harm the environment; the disposal of waste and the discharge of waste water are within the framework of environmental obligations and limits; the environmental impact of the activities to be carried out is taken into consideration during decision making processes.

11- Ethical principles:

  • To comply with all laws and regulations that we are subject to, to keep the records transparent and up to date, to prove compliance with the relevant regulations,
  • Not to tolerate any form of corruption and bribery in our company; not to take advantage of bribes and / or gifts to facilitate business,
  • To establish the mechanisms and policies necessary to combat corruption and bribery, to avoid situations of conflict of interest, to protect the intellectual property rights of our business partners,

12- Relations with the suppliers-subcontractors

  • To obtain the commitments of the Supplier-Subcontractors we work with according to the social compliance issues, evaluate the social compliance, monitor the results of the evaluations and increase the social compliance levels gradually.

13- Reporting policy violations:

Any suspected breach of the law, regulations and / or the Social Compliance Policy of HATKO DOKUMA may be reported on the telephone or on the web, all notices made shall be considered confidential and their identities shall remain confidential as permitted by law. Violations can be forwarded to HATKO DOKUMA using one of the following channels:

Address: Mareşal Çakmak Cad. Park Apt:57/A No:1 İSKENDERUN - HATAY
Phone: +90 (326) 613 45 00
Fax: +90 (326) 613 88 44