HATKO Hybridgrass installation in Atatürk Olympic Stadium is featured in PANSTADIA.

atatürk olimpiyat stadı

Back in June 2019, UEFA announced that 2020 UEFA Champions League Final would be hosted in Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium. As part of the bid for being the host, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has committed to upgrade the capacity and the infrastructure of the stadium which includes a new hybrid pitch to provide ideal playing conditions under a newly installed floodlight system as well as fully modernised changing rooms.

After careful consideration, HATKO Hybridgrass has been chosen for this prestigious project. The pitch has been installed at the end of 2019, and the field has been ready for the final since February.


Being one the most high-profile projects of 2020, the installation of HATKO Hybridgrass in Ataturk Olympic Stadium got featured in “Project Focus” section of PANSTADIA magazine, one of industry’s leading publications. The article details the installation process as well as why HATKO Hybridgrass was chosen for one of the most watched television events in the world with over 200 million viewers.