How about my artificial lawn during the winter?

Artificial lawn is a ground product which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, whose raw material is oil. It offers a wide range of applications. Produced with different features, the grass carpet can be used in many areas. Artificial turf, which is known with different names since its production; Also known as artificial turf, synthetic turf and turf carpet. Although it is referred to by different names, it is a single product and serves different purposes.

Artificial lawn can be used in 4 climatic seasons. Especially in winter, sports fields or home gardens covered with natural grass wear very easily and an aesthetically very bad appearance occurs. Therefore, artificial grass has been replaced by natural grass. This product has a wide range of usage and must be approved by FIFA.

Artificial grass in snow is not a problem. It is also an advantage for user. Because it does not harmless for your budget. So you can use artificial grass in cold climates with peace of mind.

Artificial grass has been replaced by natural turf for a long time. Artificial grass is a very durable and robust product against bad weather conditions. Particularly manufactured with Hatko Sport assurance, artificial turf is resistant for at least 10-15 years.

paintball grass

Because artificial turf is specially protected with special yarns used in manufacturing.

For example, they are not broken when pressed on artificial grass that freezes in winter. Since it is an artificial product, it is thought to break. But this idea is wrong. Winter cold is not a problem for artificial turf. Just watch out as you move on the frozen artificial grass and don’t fall lost.

For example, artificial turf used in carpet pitches, professional football stadiums, is quite durable. If you ask why, artificial turf should be heated from the bottom. When the surface of the football field is covered with snow in winter, automatic heating systems are activated and prevents the grass field from freezing. Accumulated snow melts through this system and the accumulated water is discharged through the drainage channels.

So, thanks to the artificial grass layers, you will not be deprived of the pleasure of football or any other sport. And this system is quite a technological system. It is very useful and is used in artificial turf and artificial turf systems approved by FIFA especially in professional football carpet pitches.

In addition, artificial grass does not slippery when wet. Because of the special materials used in the production of a floor slippery reduced.

Where is artificial grass used?

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The fact that artificial turf has a wide area of ​​use makes it very advantageous. Produced differently for all areas of use. The most common areas of artificial turf produced in different quality and quality for each area are the fields such as carpet field construction, garden landscaping or decoration for cafes.

  • Artificial turf for carpet pitch construction

Artificial grass, which is the most used floor product for carpet field construction, offers many advantages in terms of usage. While reducing the cost of the football field for commercial purposes, it offers ease of use and comfort. Therefore, artificial turf has become the most used product in sports activities in recent years.

  • Artificial turf for sports floors

Artificial grass, which is also used on different sports grounds such as rugby, hockey, golf, is produced in different options for each field. For each sport, it is produced in accordance with the game in order to play the game correctly and comfortably.

Artificial turf for garden decoration

atenea grass

atenea grass

One of the indispensable parts of garden decoration is of course green floors. Use natural or synthetic grass, but part of your garden should be green. It offers substantially good comfort in terms of artificial turf care. Since you will not deal with mowing and fertilizing, you will have reached the desired greenery with less effort.

  • Artificial turf for cafes and restaurants

For areas with high traffic, such as cafes and restaurants, you may prefer to use an artificial grass product that you can use for a long time in heavy use. Because these floor products are produced according to the frequency of use and different features according to the area to be used.

  • Artificial turf for balconies

You can choose artificial grass product for decoration sections or floors of balconies in different sizes. The artificial turf used in the balcony is a good alternative for balcony decoration.

  • Artificial turf for poolside

You can use synthetic grass product for decoration purposes at poolside. This application is quite common and artificial grass products produced for decorative purposes are used in these areas.

  • Artificial turf for children’s playgrounds

Children’s playgrounds are also a good option for places such as a children’s playground. When you look at the lawn, you will both reduce maintenance costs and save time. Again, it is possible to find different options within these fields.

What should be considered when buying artificial turf?

One of the first things you should pay attention when buying artificial turf; is to choose a product suitable for its intended use. So for a high-traffic area, it would be useful to choose a product suitable for heavy traffic.

It will be to your advantage to choose a product considering technical differences such as flammability and antiallergic properties.

It is necessary to pay attention to the factors that affect the use of artificial turf such as climatic conditions and product quality. For example; Selecting a product with UV protection for very sunny areas increases the life span.

While the reliability of the company buys a product, it is important both in terms of service and product quality. Guaranteed product, good service and high quality product ensure that the company is reliable.

It is important that these artificial turf products used in sports grounds and garden landscaping be guaranteed. These products are guaranteed for 6-8 years. You can select the product by taking the guarantee criteria into consideration.

Quality: Factors affecting the quality of artificial turf; the quality of the yarn used, weaving density, pile weight and height to take into consideration such features will make you profitable in the long run. Because the life of a non-quality product can be very short depending on environmental factors, which can harm you in a short time. To avoid this, you can keep quality in the forefront and profit in the long run.

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