How and When Artificial Grass Care Should Be Done?

Artificial turf maintenance is easier than the natural turf maintenance. Lots of maintenance done for natural grass does not done for artificial grass. For example;

  • Fertilization
  • Continuous Irrigation
  • Ventilation of Turfs
  • Turf Mowers

you will not have such troubles. However, you will get rid of a lot of big expenses. Most importantly, the greatest danger of our age is that water resources are no longer limited. With no watering problem, you will be taking a nice step for the world. However, these procedures do not mean that no artificial lawns will be maintained.

As we all know, artificial turf is more useful than natural grass and so its use has increased in recent years. Artificial turf requires less maintenance than natural grass. Artificial turf life is at least 10 years as long as it is viewed regularly. But if their maintenance is not carried out regularly, the service life will be shortened. If you want to prolong the life of your artificial turf, if you want to make your lawn look more vivid clean, you need to have a monthly, regular maintenance. So what you need to do maintenance, let’s examine together.

Artificial Lawn Care Operations

First, the maintenance procedures vary depending on how often you use your artificial turf. If your artificial turf is built on a football field and is constantly used, it requires more careful care, but if you have decorated the garden of your home it requires less maintenance. So you can shape your care plan according to your needs. Now let’s examine the ingredients;

  1. Weekly Artificial Grass Care

If you use your artificial turf area very often, it is necessary to have a weekly general care if you are doing football or other sports. During this maintenance, you must purify your area from foreign substances such as leaves, cigarette butts, glass pieces, stone, chewing gum that have accumulated in your site. In this way, your artificial turf floor will look cleaner and more attractive to your customers.

  1. Monthly Artificial Grass Care

You can prevent the rusting of your lawn by grooming with artificial turf care. Take care not to use a very hard brush when performing monthly maintenance. If you use a very hard brush, your artificial turf may be damaged.

  1. Field Brushing

Artificial turf fields are exposed to too much dust as the surfaces are in the open area. Over time, these dusts come into contact with artificial turf and cause hardening of the ground. If you do not want to experience this problem, you should brush your synthetic grass at certain intervals. This will make the ground floor softer and more flexible. And the life span of your artificial turf will be extended. At the same time by brushing your field will ensure that the granules in the field spread to the floor and your floor will be flatter and softer.

  1. Prevention of Wear of the Site

Some chemical substances with acidic properties (petrol, diesel, etc.) may cause wear on your site. When cleaning stains on your site, you should avoid contact with your site. Otherwise, your lawn may wear out and wear.

  1. Use of crampons

You should pay attention to the use of shoes to prevent damage to your artificial turf. In particular, football players will need to be spared to play on artificial grass carpets. Otherwise, spiked crampons damage the artificial grass carpet and cause wear.

  1. Add Granule

When cleaning the surface of the surface, ie foreign materials are removed, there will be a decrease in the granules added to the artificial grass. This product, called SBR Granule, is added to your artificial turf when it is installed on your site. You can protect your floor by adding granules to your field at certain intervals.

  1. Winter Conditions

If your artificial turf is laid on the open field, your carpet will be filled with snow. But this is not a problem for artificial turf. You do not need to use any machine to clean snow. This process must continue naturally and profits should melt over time.

  1. Irrigation in hot weather

If the weather is too hot, it will be enough to cool your artificial grass after the sun sets in the evening. This process will prevent your artificial turf from drying and breaking in hot air.

Why is Artificial Grass Care Important?

Artificial grass maintenance

Maintenance of artificial turf is as important as building artificial turf. Since the carpet areas that you have built are for investment purposes, these treatments, which are carried out at certain intervals, will return to you as profit. You can also extend the life of your field at least 2-3 years with artificial turf care. Artificial turf sports are more and more popular in our country and artificial turf floors are ideal for athletes to exercise in a healthier and better quality area. He’s more professional. Therefore, the performance of your carpet area affects the performance of the athletes positively and negatively. As Hatko Sport we strive to offer you the best quality and most reliable carpet pitch. You can always get support from our professional team, not only for the construction of the carpet field.


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