How safe is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass ground is the most used ground type today. Artificial turf, which is both economical and very useful, is also made of fireproof material. If we look at the history of artificial turf, it was used primarily in football fields, carpet pitches and gardens of houses. Today, the field of use is very common. Artificial turf is often preferred especially in the gardens of houses. Because it’s very safe.

  • The most important feature of artificial turf is its non-slip structure.
  • So artificial turf is very safe for children.
  • The non-slip structure of the artificial turf is a very good quality floor for children to play comfortably.
  • Therefore, you can have your garden covered with artificial turf.

In addition, artificial turf is quite easy to install. You can also install the artificial turf yourself according to the specified rules. However, as Hatko Sport, we make installation of artificial turf together with our expert technical team.

Synthetic grass is also very safe in bad weather conditions. For example, it is quite easy to match the artificial turf carpet pitch in winter. Because during the installation of artificial turf under the floor special heating systems and drainage channels are made. With special heating systems, no ice and snow accumulates on artificial turf. In addition, melting snow with heating systems is thrown out through the drainage channels to prevent any injury to the players.

Artificial turf is also harmless to health. It is a product that does not cause any health problems because it contains no toxic substances. Therefore, there is no harm in playing games on children.

Is Artificial Grass Toxic?

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As mentioned above, artificial turf is absolutely free of toxic substances. The materials used in artificial turf manufacturing are health tested and approved materials. So it is not dangerous.

  • Already artificial turf is preferred because it is safe, durable and dangerous.

Artificial turf cleaning is also very easy. Artificial grass that does not accumulate dust and dirt on it is easily cleaned. With the help of a brush, you can easily clean leaves, cigarette butts or debris from the floor.

Synthetic turf is often used in the world and Turkey. Only at least 1000 artificial turf pitches are available in Istanbul. According to experts, there should be no carcinogenic substances such as mercury, lead, arsenic in artificial turf. Already an artificial turf must be FIFA approved for health reasons.

In order to say that artificial turf is harmful, it is necessary to use such materials in production. However, as Hatko Sport, we do not use any toxic and carcinogenic substances when producing artificial turf. You can get more information about artificial turf production by contacting us.

Why Artificial Turf?

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Artificial grass carpet continues to attract consumers in recent years due to reasons such as maintenance costs of natural grass, low frequency of use, difficulty in growing in areas such as canopy, visual problems such as baldness, decreasing water resources and difficulty in use throughout the year.

There are basically two kinds of artificial turf carpet production.

The first one is the products produced for heavy sports areas such as football fields (these products are made for special purposes and according to the sport to be done, which requires solid flooring and infrastructure construction)

The other group is artificial turf carpets produced for decoration / landscaping purposes. One common question is that all artificial turf is evaluated in the same category, for example the false perception that carpet field application stages will be valid for artificial turf for decoration purposes. During the construction of the carpet field, a number of construction processes such as infrastructure drainage channels, perimeter beam concreting are performed. In artificial turf for decoration purposes, preparation is much simpler and less costly. Often there is no need for pre-preparation.

How the Ground Should Be?

The important thing in artificial turf applications for decoration / landscaping is that the floor is as flat and hard as possible. In artificial turf carpets to be applied in a garden, the ground should be corrected as much as possible and if it is a very soft soil, it should be pressed with a roller. If there is a pit on concrete, asphalt and wood floors, it is enough to fill it with a simple material.

Which Product Should I Choose?

You can prefer all the lawns that appear on our site on hard floors such as concrete, asphalt and wood. On softer grounds such as soil, you will need a product of 15 mm or more. Also, weaving and weaving in the market frequently, flat weaving, curly weaving, 5-10 mm in the range of products produced with a single color yarn will not give the appearance of real grass.

It will give a more artificial green image on the ground. If you want to get a true-to-life look, you can choose natural looking products of 15 mm or more woven from several different color yarns. Believe me, you can hardly understand that they are artificial after bending and handling some products.

How to Assemble?

Wall to wall carpet laying operations are performed. It is important to get the right measure. If additional measures are required, only the joints are attached to each other and the other places are released. So you can’t fix this product by gluing the entire floor. The reason is that they are produced from a petroleum-based raw material and will undergo some expansion under the sun and contraction at night or in the shade. This is an invisible stretch allowance, but if it is fully secured from the bottom, it can cause some wrinkling in the upper part.

How Maintenance, Cleaning?

Ideally, vacuuming is possible, if possible. If this is not possible, it can be washed with pressurized water and swept with a hard broom.

Is There Any Harm To Health?

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The materials used during production and their quantities are under strict control. Every product sold in our company meets these conditions, the manufacturers are certain. However, as in every product, we see a lot of products in the market whose contents are unclear, where they are not known, and missed in the controls. Our advice on this is that you choose the place you are good at.

As Hatko Sport, we have worldwide success in the manufacturing of artificial turf. We produce artificial turf carpet field, professional stat or artificial turf landscaping to many countries in the world. Contact us for more information about artificial turf prices.

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