How was the Artificial Grass Carpet Born?

Grass Carpet was born from a need like all other great inventions. With the growth of sports organizations and addressing larger audiences, the need for stadiums and sports facilities with a higher audience capacity has increased. When the Astro Dome Stadium, built in 1965 in Houston, Texas, was completely covered, it became impossible to grow natural grass on the field. And on top of this, this product, which was accepted as the ancestor of synthetic turf, first applied until 1960. Hatko Sport is a reliable and experienced company in the artificial turf sector. It has built great stats around the world and has proven its success. Our artificial grasses is so quality and durable. You can use a long time without any wornings. Let us now examine the birth of the artificial turf carpet.

Artificial turf, which developed in parallel with the rapid development of the sports industry since its first application in 1965, began in the mid-1990s after the revolutionary development in the material technologies of synthetic turf yarns.

The rise of synthetic turf, which is called 3rd generation in the new technology facilities and which contains elastic layers, has become inevitable, thanks to its athletic skin with low slip resistance and friendly yarns. And began to create a very serious alternative to natural grass. FIFA, the boss of football, could not remain indifferent to all these developments in 2001, including synthetic turf pitches in the game rules booklet, removing the last obstacle in front of synthetic turf. It means it is the FIFA approved turf.

It was first used in professional stadiums in 1966, and because of its stiffer structure than normal turf, it brought the risk of injury. In the USA, these lawns were suspended for a while and in England they were used in professional matches for a while in 1980, but when the same effects were observed, natural lawns were returned to them.

How was Artificial Grass Carpet Born

Artificial Turf Carpet Cost is Very Low and Useful

Because of the low cost of using artificial turf carpets, it was more preferred at first and there was no need for maintenance. But due to the hardness of the players due to injury to the clubs returned to the natural grass. The more soft, but more laborious natural lawns were more suitable for professional players only. Of course, shoes have an effect on this.

Artificial grass, which has become more popular and used in small pitches in recent years, has become more suitable for those who play here. And the harmony with the shoes they play, as well as the risk of disability was reduced to almost none. Therefore, artificial turf is used in all carpet pitch matches.

  • Artificial turf carpets are less affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Due to its water permeability, it dries much faster than natural grass.
  • There is no need to cancel or postpone the match.
  • It is possible to do sports in a cleaner environment compared to natural grass.
  • It has an UV protection materials.
  • Do not fade easliy.

Compared to real lawns, artificial turf carpet is very popular today in terms of saving time, low cost, maintenance free and most importantly it can be used easily in many places. Because it is a system that is easy to use and easy to apply to the place, many shopping malls, sports halls, carpet pitches, cafeterias, artificial landscape grass have chosen artificial turf carpets and applied them to their spaces.

Artificial turf carpet is, as you know, artificial turf used in carpet pitches, especially amateur football. Artificial turf, invented and invented for the first time in 1964, was introduced to the market by two American researchers, Robert Wright and James Faria.

The interest in artificial turf carpets has increased considerably in recent times due to the fact that the maintenance of natural lawns is time-consuming and difficult and requires high costs. Grass carpets can be produced with granular filling or polyethylene yarn, and it was first used in carpet pitches and football pitches, but nowadays it is even used in balconies of houses. As the product has started to be preferred in many places, it has started to be developed in terms of both feature and appearance. Although the lawns used in the places where sporting events are organized are standardized, lawn carpets are also designed for decorative home use.

As you can see, artificial turf is a highly used and durable product in recent years. If you want to evaluate your land to make a carpet field would be quite a reasonable investment. For more information, please contact us.

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