Next Phase of Artificial Turf in Europe

After 6 years of research and deliberation, the European Commission confirmed on Monday 25th September that they have now completed the adoption of the REACH restriction on the sale of intentionally added microplastics which effectively bans the use of SBR infills for synthetic turf. The new restriction has granted a transition period of eight years, however, after September 2031 the ban on the sale of rubber and plastic infill materials will come into effect.

Natural infill migration caused by slow drainage making the pitch unusable.

Recognizing the need to move away from rubber and plastic infill materials, the synthetic turf industry is introducing an increasing range of natural (vegetal) infill materials. However, it is crucial to note that the low density of natural infills causes the infill to float if the turf system has poor drainage.

Super Water Permeability

Foreseeing the inevitable shift in the industry, our R&D department has developed HATKO BIO GREEN line designed with a special fusion technology that uses eliminates latex/PU coating providing fast and even drainage through the whole backing as regular Latex or PU backed systems only allow slow drainage through drainage holes.

While the high water permeability of our BIO GREEN line prevents the migration of infills, the low water permeability of Latex and PU backed systems causes the natural infills to float.

Our FIFA Quality PRO certified BIO GREEN systems using natural infills such as cork or corn husks, guarantee surface performance and durability under intensive use performance thanks to the special coating technology that fuses the tufts to the backing creating a strong tuftlock.

We have installed over 400.000 square meter of BIO GREEN artificial turf systems around the globe. The elimination of the latex, results in a lighter carpet which allows easy handling and installation as well as 100% recyclability at the end of its lifetime.

Our latest BIO GREEN installations were OMEGA BIO GREEN in National Team Base in Tashkent Uzbekistan, Invicto BIO GREEN in Stadio di Castelfiorentino in Italy and Omega XL BIO GREEN in Stadio T.Benelli in Pesaro Italy.