Russian Premier League Club FC Zenit started to use new Hybridgrass Field

Russian Premier League Club FC Zenit started to use new Hybridgrass Field ...

One of the most successful football clubs in Russia FC Zenit has won a number of titles and awards in domestic and international competitions since 1925 when the club was founded. FC Zenit is the champion of Russian Premier League (1984, 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2015), has won the UEFA Cup in 2008 and continued their success winning Super Cup during the same year.

In spring 2019 the club started to search for hybrid turf solutions for a new training pitch and decided to install HATKO HYBRIDGRASS 50DS10 product due to the reason that it combines all the benefits of a natural turf playing surface with the strength and durability of synthetic grass. SIS Pitches Russia (SIS RUS) leaded and initiated all installation being the general contractor.

HATKO HYBRIDGRASS system consists of high-quality Omega synthetic grass fibers tufted in a special patented backing incorporating over 50% voids thus providing a deep root penetration and perfect root growth. HATKO HYBRIDGRASS truly provides the optimum grass reinforcement system whilst supporting the growing conditions for the natural grass.

We hope training on HATKO HYBRIDGRASS system will help champions of Russian Premier League to have more and more victories and awards. Hatko for Champions...