Decorative Artificial Grass Carpet

LLawn carpets used for decoration add warmth to the space used.


Features of Grass Carpet
Grass carpet is produced as an alternative to natural grass because natural grass can not always offer the desired results. Grass carpet is used in many areas nowadays. It is the preferred because of ease of maintenance, low cost and time saving. Lawn carpet has long life. The main characteristics of grass carpet which is extremely resistant to all weather conditions are as follows.
 • Resistant to abrasion.
 • Prevents slipperiness.
 • Has aesthetic appearance.
 • Maintenance-free.
 • No watering required.
 • Economical and low cost.
 • Color does not fade, it is resistant to sunlight.
 • No fertilization required.
 • No mowing required.
 • Keeps insects away.

  Grass carpet is used in many places nowadays. Areas of use are as follows.
 • Running tracks.
 • Parks.
 • Shopping malls.
 • Sports fields.
 • Hotel restaurant landscapes.
 • Terrace and balconies.
 • Day care and kindergartens landscaping.
 • Garden landscaping.




Carpet field is very important for those who rent a football field once a week and continue to play football. 

Artificial grass carpet


For some, the field matches are very important while for some people it is just an activity or sweating sport. The football played on the carpet fields should be of the same quality and comfort as the one played in natural grass. Since the hard plastic layer is present on the base part of the carpet field lawn, it is very easy to hold the artificial grass on it.


The carpet appears as natural and aesthetically pleasing as the natural grass. It is not possible to understand the distinction between natural grass and carpet pitch. Carpet field lawns are not only to play football, but you also can use the grass in your garden. In fact, you can have a beautiful and aesthetic appearance for many years without fading. If you have a garden, whatever the weather conditions are, you can enjoy the grass carpet.


Artificial grass carpet is not only for football, but also for other sports. Durable and high quality carpet field grass is among the most preferred products. It can also be used in the seating areas by providing a soft floor. It is a surface where your children can play with confidence. Nowadays, there are many companies that make grass carpet. However, when choosing from these companies, you should pay attention to their previous works and quality. Since Hatko Sport uses first quality products in its products, its productions are always long-lasting, high quality and aesthetic. Hatko Sport provides plenty of choice in design and color, and waiting to serve you with its products.


Grass Carpet Usage Areas


  • In areas to play football
  • Parks, gardens, children’s playgrounds
  • Roads, stairs, empty spaces
  • Terraces, roofs
  • In any area you want to see aesthetically


Very easy to maintain, the grass carpet will be less costly than the natural grass. Natural grass or Hybrid grass  is difficult to maintain and because of the weather conditions, it is necessary to constantly renew and maintain. This is very costly in maintenance. However, the grass carpet offers you the most cost-effective way.

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